The Pinpoint Pushup






The Pinpoint Pushup is a revolutionary upper body and a core, muscle fitness-training tool that provides safe and effective functional body weight training to your upper body workout that results in increased overall performance. Simply put, the Pinpoint Pushup combines the benefits of balance and stability training with the incomparable pushup.


The Pinpoint Pushup is Unique
It is the only fitness-training tool designed to improve the classic pushup exercise for use in an upper-body workout. Its innovative design features make your upper body workout much more effective, no matter what fitness level, by adding balance training to your routine.

Unlike a normal pushup exercise, using the Pinpoint Pushup means that your body must first stabilize your wrists, elbows, shoulders and other relevant muscle groups and make them work in harmony before you even begin the first upper body push up. The combination of stabilizing your joints while doing a push-up adds a new dimension to an upper body routine.


The Pinpoint Pushup allows you to work the muscles in your hands, your wrist flexors, upper arm muscles and those of the shoulder, chest and back as well as your abdominal muscles. When doing an upper body workout the Pinpoint Pushup challenges these muscles to maximum effect, increasing the effort you put in. This is ideal if you want to push the limits of your fitness and train your upper body for consistent and accurate results.


Optimizing the effectiveness of your workout isn’t about using more weight or even doing more repetitions. To truly get the most out of your workout requires the activation of as many muscles groups as possible as well as recruitment of individual muscle fibers within each muscle.


The Pinpoint Pushup is the perfect compliment to CrossFit® workouts, P90X® workouts, TRX® workouts, sand bag workouts, and body weight workouts.


The Pinpoint Pushup is portable, lightweight, durable, and simple but extremely effective and challenging.



The Pinpoint Pushup can be used anywhere and is a great to have while traveling!





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